Following her fellowship at CROW, Melissa decided to expand her experience with animals by working at the Pinellas County Animal Services as the Veterinary Medical Assistant. During her time at the shelter, Melissa took on several of the shelter’s “project dogs,” and successfully rehabilitated them for adoption.

In her free time Melissa is an avid birder who also enjoys wildlife photography, as well as making the most of Florida’s outdoor activities. Melissa is a certified wildlife rehabilitator with the IWRC, and is state licensed in Florida.

Melissa joined the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary family in October of 2017, Prior to arriving at Seaside, she was an intern at the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where she worked intensively with raptors & other avian species. Melissa also trained with the center’s Avian Ambassadors, speaking at public events & schools to educate the community & to raise funds. After having the honor of successfully hand-raising a Belted Kingfisher nestling to release, she knew that wildlife rehabilitation was her passion.

After returning to Florida she mentored under Kris Porter who is a highly regarded retired zoologist from Busch Gardens, and licensed rehabilitator in the Tampa Bay area. Melissa was one of Porter’s first volunteers, and helped to create Owl’s Nest Sanctuary for Wildlife, all the while she continued to rescue and triage patients while finishing her Integrative Animal Biology degree.

After graduating from the University of South Florida with her B.S. in Integrative Animal Biology, she returned to Vancouver Island for a second internship at the beginning of 2016, and then was accepted for a six-month fellowship at the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW) on Sanibel Island. During her fellowship, Melissa worked intensively under CROW’s veterinarians & acquired advanced veterinary technician skills while working with a variety of wildlife species including birds, mammals, & sea turtles.

Keith Wilkins

Director of Operations

phone: 727-391-5601

Amy Nulph

Avian Hospital Specialist

phone: 727-392-4291

Chris Walls

Nutrition & Habitat Specialist

 The Sanctuary is staffed by a small group of experienced employees, and assisted by dedicated volunteers who all share a common interest... love and compassion for the birds that they care for.

Listed below is a list of the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary Staff and volunteers: 

Cressida Shoosmith                  Susan May                        Kayla Wilkins                    Demos Youman                   Natalie Gage

     Outdoor Avian Care                         Outdoor Avian Care                       Gift Shop / Hospital                        Outdoor Avian Care                 Outdoor Avian Care / Tours

Diane L.

Giftshop Manager &

Volunteer Coordinator

phone: 727-391-6211

Keith was made an Honorary Educator of the Lakota Boys and Girls of St. Joseph’s Indian School in Chamberlain, South Dakota in 1998. Keith holds United States Coast Guard STCW certifications in Crowd Management, Crisis Management & Human Behavior, First Aid & CPR, Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities, and Personal Survival Techniques.

Justin Perelli

Avian Hospital Specialist

phone: 727-392-4291

Keith has been with the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary since the organization was founded in September of 2016. Originally the Hospital Manager in the Sanctuary’s Dr. Marie L. Farr Avian Hospital, Keith took over as the Director of Operations for the Sanctuary one year later in September of 2017.

Prior to Seaside, Keith had been working in the field of wildlife rehabilitation since 2010, volunteering for various organizations including Elmira’s Wildlife Sanctuary, Friends of Strays, and the SPCA. In January 2015, Keith started volunteering for the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, and eventually became their Hospital Supervisor later that same year. When Suncoast moved out of their facility, and Seaside moved in, Keith was hired on by Seaside to run their hospital.

Though originally from Detroit, Keith has lived within 5 miles of the Sanctuary for over 30 years. Due to this, Keith has a strong love for both the area and the community he lives in. As a former owner and operator of a promotions company, Keith has devoted many years to planning local events that helped raise money for charitable causes such as Elmira’s Wildlife Sanctuary, the SPCA, Friends of Strays, and many more. Keith also sits on the board of directors for three other non-profit organizations.

A professional public speaker since the age of 17, Keith represents the Sanctuary by putting on educational demonstrations at local schools and special events. Due to his longstanding commitment to educating the public,

Diane is the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary’s Gift Shop Manager and Volunteer/Event Coordinator. Diane

Diane has been with the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary since it formed in 2016. Prior to coming to Seaside, Diane was the Gift Shop Manager and Volunteer/Event Coordinator for the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, who she‘d been employed with from 2014-2016.

Diane has over 30 years of retail management and customer service experience.

Melissa Dollard

Office Manager

phone: 727-392-4291