There are five major areas where the Sanctuary is of great need for volunteers. These areas include:


  • Answering phones.
  • Computer work.
  • Filing.
  • General housekeeping.
  • Marketing, fundraising, and attending events on behalf of the sanctuary (some experience and/or special training required).

Like any non-profit organization, volunteers are extremely vital to the operation of the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary. Without our dedicated volunteers, The Seaside Seabird Sanctuary would not be able to continue it's important mission of saving our indigenous wild birds.​ The Seaside Seabird Sanctuary is always looking for new volunteers to help further our mission.

Please continue reading for more information on how you can take part in the Sanctuary's volunteer program:

Visit the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary Gift Shop at 18328 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores to fill out an application, or call the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary at 727-391-6211 for more information on how to become a volunteer.


  • As a bird rescue volunteer, you would respond to calls received by the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary concerning a wild bird in distress. A huge portion of these rescues are in regards to large seabirds and birds of prey that are dangerous and/or intimidating for the general public to handle. Bird rescue volunteers work designated geographic areas of their own choosing. A bird rescue volunteer would work with an experienced rescuer until they are qualified to rescue independently.


  • Scrubbing and refilling pools, bird baths, and fountains.
  • Scrubbing benches.
  • Raking pens and walkway paths.
  • Greeting sanctuary visitors.
  • Washing dishes.
  • Laundry.
  • Food preparation.


  • Emergency reception of new patients (some experience and/or special training required).
  • Direct bird care and observation (some experience and/or special training required).
  • Cleaning cages.
  • Sweeping, mopping, and other general housekeeping.
  • Washing dishes.
  • Laundry.
  • Food preparation.

*The areas outlined above are general. The Seaside Seabird Sanctuary needs volunteers who posses a variety of skills including docents, handymen, carpenters, gardeners, office skills, computer data entry, computer programming, and much more.

All volunteer applicants must possess an interest in birds and have the ability to work with wild birds and the general public.
All volunteer applicants must posses a mature, professional, and responsible attitude at all times.
​All volunteer applicants must be willing to undergo a background check.
All volunteer applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
All volunteer applicants must posses a valid drivers license, state ID, or U.S. passport.
All volunteer applicants must be willing to commit to a dependable schedule of your preference and convenience.
All volunteer applicants must sign a confidentiality agreement and Sanctuary release form releasing the Sanctuary of any responsibility for injury or illness.
All volunteer applicants must abide by a dress code set by the Sanctuary which includes no tank tops, no midriff tops, no cut-off shorts or shorts that are too short in length, no open-toed shoes, and no clothing with offensive words or pictures.
The Sanctuary is a drug and alcohol free workplace. No exceptions will be allowed.
Children and/or all other persons other then Sanctuary volunteers are not permitted to accompany you during your scheduled volunteer time. Your work as a volunteer is important and requires your undivided attention.
Your volunteer tenure can be reevaluated and/or terminated at the discretion of the Sanctuary staff at any time.


  • Answering phones.
  • Assisting customers.
  • Completing sales transactions.
  • General housekeeping.