[Indian Shores, Florida, July 26, 2017.] Seaside Seabird Sanctuary, one of the oldest and largest wild bird sanctuaries in North America, is in danger of reducing operations due to lack of financial support.

The not-for-profit, bird rescue and rehabilitation facility only has a few days’ worth of food on hand at any given time and is no longer able to conduct bird rescues. Monthly operating costs, including the care and feeding of over 110 permanently injured birds on site, still exceed $20,000, despite cutting expenses to a minimum. Seaside Seabird Sanctuary, a fully independent, successor organization to the previous sanctuary, relies completely on public support to maintain a small, dedicated staff to provide daily care. Seaside has administered critical care to over 1,300 sick, injured, or orphaned birds representing 128 different species in 2017, to date. The compromised birds are brought to Seaside by concerned citizens or were
rescued by staff and volunteers from locations within 400 square miles of the Central Gulf Coast of Florida.

 “We are at a critical time for the future of this great organization,” said Andrew von Gontard, President and Director of Seaside Seabird Sanctuary. “We are only as strong as the support we receive from the Gulf Coast communities, Tampa Bay area, and beyond. Our goal in assuming operations in September 2016 was to continue a long-standing tradition of wildlife care and environmental stewardship, while being transparent every step of the way with our supporters and benefactors. Please help us to continue, for many years to come, the positive and nurturing work of which
Seaside Seabird Sanctuary is capable.”

While Seaside has made great progress in a short time, unfortunately, the Sanctuary is still not achieving the broad financial support needed to fully operate, much less expand outreach. “While we want to continue the original mission of saving seabirds, we need appropriate funding to do our best for the wildlife,” said von Gontard. The Sanctuary works closely with local partners, including Tampa Bay Raptor Rescue, whose President, Barbara Walker, said, “Every injured or sick bird that is rescued, rehabilitated, reconditioned and released is important to the environment and the balance of nature. The Seaside Seabird Sanctuary isn't just good for the area; it's a metaphorical step in the right direction for the whole world. Rehabilitation work is costly and relies on well-trained, dedicated staff, many volunteers and quality facilities.

The Seaside Seabird Sanctuary’s mission must continue in order to meet local and global community needs. This large, well-equipped seabird sanctuary is essential to the Tampa Bay area. For further questions, contact Seaside Seabird Sanctuary by email at office@seabirdsanctuary.com, or by telephone at 727-392-4291.

Seaside Seabird Sanctuary’s mission is one of wildlife care, while promoting a sustainable approach to the environment and educational outreach to minimize injuries and sickness in birds to begin with. Seaside Seabird Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) public, non-profit organization.

Ways to help save the sanctuary:
Online Donation www.seabirdsanctuary.com/donate.html
Donate by mail, payable to Seaside Seabird Sanctuary.
Donate supplies from Seaside’s Amazon wish list or visit and bring supplies. Ask your employer or pension about Matching Donations.
Update or include Seaside Seabird Sanctuary in your will or trust.
Sponsor capital improvements such as a new hospital roof or enclosures.
Visit us on Facebook or Twitter for other fundraising ideas and to learn more about Seaside.

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